Busting Myths of Home Buying – Myth #3 : You don’t need to use a real estate agent

Blackwood Real Estate Advisors September 4, 2018

Of course! I have so much to say about this topic! So, this one is a little longer than the others but worth it.


The real estate industry has evolved over time with technology, so buyers have access to information; whereas before, only Realtors knew that info. So, some people think this means they don’t need a real estate agent anymore.


However, opening a lockbox and touring you through a home is only 5% of what a licensed real estate agent does. There are actually over 80 different variables in the home buying process and mismanaging one variable could cost you thousands of dollars.


For most people buying a home is one of the largest financial investments of their lifetime, so it makes sense that you would want an expert working on your behalf to make sure you don’t lose any money.


For example, when I am preparing my taxes, I pay a tax professional to help me. Could I figure it out and do it on my own…yes, I like to think I am a pretty smart cookie. However, I am not an expert on it because I don’t do it every day. It’s not worth it for me to save a little bit of money doing it myself and in the long run it could cost me thousands of extra dollars to the IRS of items I missed or did incorrectly. No one wants to pay any extra money to the IRS. So of course, I pay a professional to help me with my taxes.


In the same way, it makes sense to have a trusted real estate professional who has your best interest in mind to help you make a wise financial investment. And to help you find the right home that meets your needs, wants and motivations. I have told many clients “This is not the right home for you” because it didn’t accomplish their goals for moving, or because it needed too many repairs it would end up being costly in the long-run, or it just wasn’t a smart buy.


Another reason is it’s not just about finding the home, it’s about getting the keys in your hand and not losing your sanity in the midst of it. This process can be quite stressful, so having someone walk you through all the steps is priceless. Some of the steps we help our clients with, just to name a few are:

  • Understanding current market trends
  • Working with a great financial lender
  • Finding a home that fits their needs & wants and weeding out the ones that don’t
  • Insight to comparable properties to know what to offer
  • Writing the best offer
  • Contract legalities
  • Negotiations
  • Inspections, repairs and appraisals
  • Breaking down the process into easier digestible pieces
  • And many more


Our goal is to have happy clients who walk away from the process satisfied and saying THAT was worth it!


If that isn’t enough, 99% of the time the seller pays the buyer’s agent. So, you get all that expert advice guiding you through the process for FREE! Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?!


Our clients are our priority and our goal is to be the expert they deserve. So, we are continually working on becoming more skilled and educated on the constantly changing market trends to help advise our clients with one of their biggest financial purchases they will ever make.


So, do you need a Realtor to help you with purchasing a home? I would definitely say Yes! If you live in the DFW area and thinking about buying a home, let’s set up a buyer consultation with no obligation to talk through how to get you in to a new home. And even if you live in another part of the country and you are looking for a good Realtor, I can connect you with a great professional to help you with your home purchase. Contact me today and let me know how I can best serve you.


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